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Honeycomb cored tubes


The aramid honeycomb version is available in the core layer thickness of 5-25mm, and offers the highest relative strength, that strength to weight ratio. In a direct comparison of the same strong core  the foam version is slightly more stable because of the 100%material surface. Easily accessible due to the high wall thickness of 28mm and more, but also greater absolute strengths are achievable than with the  hardfoam versions because the foam in these thickness are not flexible.
The honeycomb versions are the first choice for larger tubes from 344-390mm internal diameter, I recommend this version basically because here the light weight makes sense because of the big surfaces . Weights are 1.5 to 3.0 kg / m² depending on the design.
To avoid the disadvantages of processing (drilling and partly destruction of the core layer), I can replace the honeycomb core layer partitiell by foam core layer, or by a high-strength solid laminate. That brings the weight up only moderately, but increases the strength and enormously facilitated the drilling.
The honeycomb models  are available with all surfaces.

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