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Current price list for standard tubes
(2017) : All prices include 19% german VAT. You can take them of if you are living outside the EU. Dealers and manufactuters ask for pricing

I offer special prices for most sold tubes sizes  for more info see: Products -- economic sizes

Payment / discount conditions:

50% deposit with order
If you pay 75% deposit we offer 3% discount on the total
If you pay 100% deposit we offer 5% discount on the total

Pipes / tubes for the telescope design:

All ends are straight. All winding forms are manufactured on CNC lathe and absolutely round and flat.
All tubes in vacuum compressed, high fiber volume ratio and bubble-free laminate.
Interior design mainly from UD fiber to increase strength and fiber volume ratio.
Inner surface protected by Peel of ply. Remove to obtain a clean, rough and dust free surface that can be painted and glued very well.
All outside surfaces are handled by professional painting center. It only uses high-quality UV-resistant coatings and paints.

As standard forms (internal diameter) are currently available: (Others on request)

120mm up to 1300mm length
130mm up to 1300mm length
137mm up to 1300mm length
150mm up to 1600mm length
160mm up to 1600mm length
174mm up to 1600mm length (GSO 6" tubes)
197mm up to 1600mm length
215 mm up to 1600mm length
225mm up to 1600mm length (Orion UK 8" tubes)
230mm up to 1600mm (GSO, TS and identical 8 ")
234mm up to 1600mm (Skywatcher, Orion USA and identical 8 ")
276mm up to 1600mm (Orion UK 10 ")
286mm up to 1600mm (Skywatcher, Orion USA and identical 10 ")
300mm up to 1700mm (GSO, TS and identical 10 ")
344mm to 2100mm length every 12 "(with heels)
390mm to 2100mm length 14 "models
458mm to 2100mm length 16 "models

(Info Telescope Service Ransburg has cells  and components for most of my tubes in stock)

Other types on request

prices per m² surface of the tube at 1 to 1.5 m.
Under 1m ² to 0.7 m² you have to add 10%
About 1.5 m to 2m ² you can take off 7,5 %
Less than 0.7 m² and more then 2.0 m² on request

For example a 300mm inside tube with 1200mm length  and 7mm wall  has a surface of 1,13m² (0,314 x1,2 x p

Carbon foamcore layers version with wall thickness approx 7-10mm (depending on the foam) weight about 3 -4kg/m²

Pre-painted white or other color
475 Euro per m²
Carbon high gloss surface with 2K paint 4
50 Euro per m²

Aramid honeycomb version wall thickness 11mm weight about 2-3 kg / m²

Pre-painted white or colored
540 Euro per m²
Carbon high gloss surface with 2K paint
525 Euro per m²

All other surfaces, walls and special designs, etc. upon request.

Surcharges tubes:
Holes to specification or drawing about 50-100 euros
inside black paintings about 25 euros per m²
OAZ gain solid laminate 40 euros approx 140x200mm
Flat side per meter (width 150mm min) 95 €

Truss models and larger tubes on request

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